RE: Freedom of Thought

by YDS

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This is my first project under the new name of YDS. I feel like I have matured ever since I changed my name, and I am open to more styles of music. Most importantly, I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to finding my sound and what makes me, me. This explores the concepts of where my mind can bring me sometimes. I hope y'all enjoy.


released January 16, 2015

Shoutout to all the dope ass producers:
[Tracks) Producer]
1) Taylor King
2) No ID and Dug Infinite
4) Krews
5) DA
6) DmPROD Beats
7) 9th Wonder
8) Sunnysie Beats

Shoutout to my good friends:

Dan for helping this all even become real. He mixed like half of my songs mostly by himself until he taught me enough about mixing to do it myself. You were there every step of the way. Go checkout his website "Humanity Records" at

my other two best friends Richard and Logan for backing me up on everything I stand for in the music and truly knowing the meaning behind it

Lilly Tran, my girlfriend, for picking me up everytime I was falling down and wanted to quit




YDS New Orleans, Louisiana

Grown up with the underdog mentality, I, as YDS, look to showcase to the world that being cool and fitting in is not the most important thing in the world. It's about discovering who you really are and staying true to it while never putting on a facade. I used to try to put on for my city, but now I only put on for me and whoever's with me. I truly hope you enjoy my music and what I have to offer, ... more

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Track Name: Slade Wilson [prod. by Taylor King]
Verse 1:
Speaking the nonsense that you ain’t used to hearing yet
I’m the villain in the plot that you ain’t fearing yet
A little inferior mind to yours can somehow whip around more thought from experience
I’m talking deepness, darkness think that we’re the same
but I can see it in your eyes, you’re apart from this
and ain’t a thing can save you
You could call the cops maybe try asking them to stop a kamikaze
but they ain’t doing zip unless you asked to bomb a nazi
but the thing is their policies are ironic
capitalizing on what’s capital rising
attacking the finer things that should be less than a crime
but anyways less on them and back on your mind
You ever had the feeling that you’re doing more time
If you try to find it, designate or design it
there ain’t no way you’ll survive if you find a place in my mind on the way

If you tryna avoid conflict, you running into spite son
If you tryna avoid nonsense, then you came to the right one
Fake bows opening up to take downs
I ain’t going without a fight son
People telling me that I lost it
I guess they’re right huh

Verse 2:
I accepted the notion of what my mind is
In addition to gripping fixes on what mine is
divided into pieces, splitting in to fractions
multiplying by themselves to exponential add-ins
grabbing on to poles, walls, and streetlights
thoughts flying off the paper that I got to rewrite
spread and lost, yet bounded by the concept
in crosshairs of firing in my conscience
It’s more than the fact that I lost grips
I’m more nauseous and caustic than cautious
Innocence left I can’t even see right
killing foes for the delight’s what I be like
nowadays. my vision’s ruined by the captions
defining the images with boom bap click
breaking down the poster of what your spine is
tell me I’m nothing. I make due while confined in

Chorus (Repeat)

Verse 3:
My main aim ain’t looking for a spot to take
It’s more like force a lock to break
Stake out fakes, ensure they don’t procreate
single em out one at a time at a lonely rate
I don’t post pone jack man
I’m on a visionless mission to blow reckless full blown attacks and
steal lives that don’t appeal to my eyes
now go and try to say that everything is fine. I’d
rather be a nerd rapper and absurd bastard
than taking your position of making the worst trash
mediocrity is opposite my
philosophy. you living in the synonym of autonomy
spitting robotically, rip through the cords
wrenching torque, no remorse, at a pivotal force
carry a psycho wit-victorious with psychowits
and the same pride that resides in a lion’s den
Track Name: Vigilance [prod. by No ID and Dug Infinite]
Verse 1:
Listen I'm not a young Simba, but I'm a young criminal
Rippin through every single visual individual
There's no makeshift they made for us, no one's replacing us
While we're spitting death at the ones covered in angel dust
We're sane as what? Calamity causing animals,
savages, anacondas with our mind's so expandable
Have the masses at a panic state
Their favorite artists at a low while everything they listen to is dilapidated
You're outwitted, outskilled, and outdated.
It's outrageous. We ignite the flame til the sound's blazing
We're ground shaking. We pound faces in two.
Our hearts are racing with rage and we're tearing faces if you
Don't believe that we won't achieve this,
we'll just rip harder as the underdog's coming underneath you.
We hope you withdraw. We hope you decline
because we're taking over your mind, body, soul, and your prime.

Chorus (2x):
We kill with vigilance, well skilled murderers.
No point in hiding the fact our crimes are further
than your average, passive, tragic little incidents.
Words who get the ones who do not interpret them trembling.

Verse 2:
I get more wins than supah hot. Leave you mute if you are not
at your computer commenting, saying, “He’s in illuminati.”
Y’all are so humorous. Ignorance entertains me.
That’s why I listen to Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane, see.
I’m just playing. Most of you all are just plain,
so I make (title) tidal waves, legacies. so what’s names?
I take the thought off the train and turn it to jetpacks.
Your train derailed a while ago. You’re on some jet lag.
Kick you in the back of your head and knock some common knowledge
in you, or better yet, throw you inside of a mosh pit
where they are armed with knives, throw a dagger at your stomach after the concert
We’ll finally see how karma flies.
Your awful lies harmonize with harms and cries
and harm I drive into your system. You need a harder drive.
The system will never control me or own me,
and Imma rap it to you, homie cause you can’t spit it over me oldie

Chorus (repeat)
Track Name: Time Ends
Shine bright with what light. cause it seems like the struggle is just a dumb fight/ what the hell do you do when it seems like none’s right/ just plead please don’t shoot me. this ain’t a gun fight/ maybe it is. feels like it in the parallel/ bulletholes into your soul leavin ya scared as hell/ but I keep biting my tongue. it’s rare to tell/ they can’t kill your dream so they assasinate your character/ now is that true? it’s what ye said/ the structured media’s giving it to us straight fed/ the state of mind of invincible. yeah it’s great yes/ but what you gone do when they leave you in the state dead/ amazing. the state of greatness. easy to be lost in like you in the matrix/ you ever have a bad night and wait til day hits/ maybe I’d have no emotion if I was brainless/ like reality tv shows, get to live it up until people see them go/ rip rest in peace to a sold out sole/ then we mourn it on tumblr/ reblog repost, we stop we grow repause we know we cross, we fold, we topple, we fall/ harder than all from wall unto wall/ we’re climbin back up until we sick of the crawl/ it’s hard to pretend or ignore reality/ or anything in this world in actuality/ zombies we not beast/ it just seems we are individuals stuck with no individuality/ shine bright til the time ends, cause when the time ends/ what’s there to shine for/ cause it is like I’ve had my life spent. living for someone that I would die for/ and I still represent the people who can capture/ or snap the bigger portrait picture or statue/ high resolution defining the movement/ with limitless ability to show that I can prove it/ Imma grind til I fade away and I’m withering/ cause this the thing I know will prove that I’m different/ how could I strike at your blind sight if I’m blindsighted/ so quit accusing me telling me that I’m not righteous/ stopped triflin I changed my ways. and basically today it is safe to say/ that I have sacrificed much, but gained much more/ in the end I realize does it matter what for? cause my ambition is lessening by the second/ motivation’s slowly aging into depression/ my surroundings get me hesitant and second guessing/ I’m falling and striving to get to a better position/ listening to the pressure and stuck and hollow in/ a world full of stalling and crawling it’s hard to follow in/ it isn’t brainless. my sanity is sainless/ I hope I stay up on your A­list so you can stay listening/ creating rhythms to make symphonies move/ I hate people who do nothing and stay useless/ now I’m unchained. nobody will have me change/ I’ll kill if you ‘re in range end your misery and pain/ I’m saying I’m the one. top of the line/ I am a diamond in the rough or a lion in his prime/ a mixture of a bad man and a rap fan/ with the body of a teenage gentleman taking a stand/ but stay silent and aura like diamonds/ everything I rhyme will eat up inta ya conscience/ I feel prominent. killing any style out/ I paved my way now I’m making my future bow down
shine bright like diamonds. shine bright like diamonds. and Imma rap til the time ends/ because the emotion I feel is timeless/ you’re beautiful. don’t let anyone take that and limitations we’re all made to break that/ cause these laws and boundaries. they ain’t crap/ no one’s gonna stop me. I’m rocky like ASAP/ I’m growing stronger with each day passing/ and all my history that is the past tense/ and though I put up with all of this mad stress/ I still last way longer than everlast did/without a maybach I’m still this rich. at the top. high class but with filthiness/ I’m from the south and my ignorance is still a bliss/ but i will shine bright cause my light will be lit
Track Name: Justification [prod. by Krews]
Verse 1:
Recignized for whatever i grind for
Sick of everything that I do not have the time for
I think it's time for war. Tell em come at me got my glasses on, eyes forward.
Countdown it's 5-4
3-2-1 the sequence of evil is done
All that bull crap to me is speaking in tongues
Believe me what I'm saying up in to this microphone comes straight from me
Though I'm sounding crazy. That is just how I was raised to be.
Making these verses cause I can't even shout
Actions speak louder than words. What if I'm acting with mouth?
We smacked the ground too many times now we're just laughing it out
Finishing strong because there's no time to be dragging the route
Not all of this is past experience. Please don't generate hate.
I speak it for the listeners saying they can relate to me
Want someone to say they saw the world and seen it grew
Cause I don't need a million people ot listen to me just you, so.

Chorus (2x):
Is it wrong to resent what's wrong?
Justify why I can't put why I'm mad in a song.
I'm mad cause I seek vengeance.
Wish enemies defenseless.
I'm reckless, hopeless and restless
I'll never stop til I get it

Verse 2:
Let's take it back to the years
where a monster in your closet was the most of your fears
You were ready to see the world anxious to see what it holds
You'd give up everything jsut to fast forward and grow
but now you're old hesitating about your excitement for now
You're holding back cause that's the time that you wish you were around
Now you're pounded down, lectured on by the voice of discouragement.
Only wish to be nourished, no way you can interpret it
wish you'd vacate. stay straight. pave ways to pay dues
cause now it feels like no one can do it. they wanna stay cool.
But we aim for the gold at the end of the rainbow.
Finding a way out of this cause we're stuck at a great low
We never wanna see the sunset. We hardly seen it rise.
Let us soak cause we ain't done yet now I just
Want someone to say they saw the world and seen it grew
Cause I don't need a million people ot listen to me just you, so.

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: What's Your World [prod. by DA]
Now what is your world, because I believe mine
is something simple, carefree where I could recline at times
because I’ve worked hard but really who hasn’t
and if something was handed to me I would accept it gladly
and you know actually I’ve been pushing my boundaries
so anything you claim to me isn’t really astounding me
well I guess counting down the hours is another asset
to my world it’s a feature I’ll add next
to the complicated and angry rioting society
in opposition of this chill dude that I am tryna be
it isn’t irony. It’s just the fact that I am a human
and in this world of mine, I’m gonna do what I want
I will illuminate dark, light is what I’m gonna flaunt
finna make the music that would just strike you in the heart
well until then I’ll sit and write mines
cause I’m fitting to make the win so my light might shine and I’m gone

Now what’s your world, homie what is your universe
Everyone sing along acting like they knew the words
Cause you deserve everything that you worked for
And I just step inside my world when I feel so torn
Every step that I take, every rhyme that I make
Is another rise towards the climb that I’m facing
I’m still amazed. there’s nothing that I can’t accomplish
I will never stop and that’s because they just cannot stop us

Verse 2:
So here's the plan, I'm anti-whack minded
and what's the proof look at my back. they're all behind us
that's when I stay positive no minus
and your dream isn't above the line like mine is
I feel so timeless my prime is infinite
I lie on my grind and 3 flipping it
With this pen, I feel ept and need reps
to proceed cause homie it’s me next
I refuse to neglect the being of a victor
dedicated to shaking the world and breaking the richter
scale. feeling like a winner there’s no way that I cannot prevail
no one in the way, so I pass: the opposite of fail
that’s for your information…and indication
that the fact I’m crazy has no effect, but makes me more amazing
and I already captured this dream I was chasing
I'm just waiting for the right time to build and to make it

Now hold up and break the beat down
Cause many times I’ve felt broken and beat down
It took up all of me to smile again
Becausee the life fell out of me on every single knockdown
I’ve dreamed about stealing the crown
and de throning every man of royalty and their seed now
But I can see after sensing defeat
On a mission: take the throne till I’m resting in peace


Verse 3:
Now I believe that, I will never have to stop
I’m grinding no matter how many albums drop
I’m working round the clock. the only break that I’m taking
is when I play 2k and take my girl on a date and then it’s
back to the lab again, back to the work again
back into giving this music my whole soul again
back into sacrificing my past times for max grind and
create turbulence in the tournament
and yet it’s only recreational use
to test my engineering on what I make in the booth
with a homie to guide me in a direction to move
cause only a couple people keep me sane and it’s true
but that’s fine cause I learned to keep who benefits you
and certainly my girl and they are hella beneficial
there ain’t an issue with keeping up with the times first
I learned it’s my life and it is my world
Track Name: The Reason [prod. by DmProdBeats]
Verse 1:
Girl what's the point of talking if what we saying ain't true. I'd walk a mile in your shoes to put down your issues/ and your smile is the truth when it comes to the truth/ before me, I would barely see it. I'll put it to use/ Because you ain't the type to deserve what you settle for/ There comes a time when heartbreak ain't even a metaphor/ hated to see you accept neglection cause if you made up of perfection/ then what the hell are you settling for/ You at a war with yourself. don't see a need to proceed it/ because you're good the way you are, and I see it/ you ain't a puzzle anymore in multiple pieces/ because I found you in a whole and have a need to complete it/ all the others prior to me were hardly decent/ and if they put your heart in pieces what's the point of their being/ sick of seeing your tears and hearing your cries/ cause deep inside there ain't a reason for you to be weakened/ so lemme tear your barriers you've been puttin up/ save you from yourself from telling you, you ain't good enough/ You say my vision is blinded by like some stupid love/ but actually with you the only place that i can look is up

Chorus (2x):
Now you and I, you and I
you are the reason that my mind is realigned
and I realize that you're the one, the one to stay
and I know that you and I will make it to another day

Verse 2:
Listening to the separation and dividends/ of yelling elderlies seldomingly solving bitter ends/ through all the arguing and screaming it's just pettiness/ middle class acts pretending like they are penniless/ I'd never guess that my only request/ is solely to survive from day to the next/ and yet at the same time try to pay my respects/ to someone driven insane by the pain and the stress/ so now open arms, sounds more like open fire/ weapons are overdrawn while the conversations get dryer/ looks in my mom's eyes and they ain't the same anymore/ nothing was the same just like the album that drake recorded/ at least I have my girl that would prolly live in a cell with me/ some think it's crazy if she would endure hell with me/ but she the greatest for sticking and being real with me/ luckiest and grateful that she is like even still with me/ cause I don't even know if I'm sane still/ I need to see a freakin doctor. where are my pain pills? and the feeling of being held hostage, compels hostile feelings toward the family can't be nothing but cautious/ I don't even know if I'm living like I all ready lost it/ forget it. maybe I am a psycho like 8 on nonsense/ and here I write hopelessly wishing that I could stop it/ I think my girl is the reason that I still have a conscience/

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Let Me Talk [prod. by 9th Wonder]
Verse 1
Now all I need is to listen to a beat and I'm so gone/ so far off up in the dreams of/ escaping reality taking the burden/ right off my shoulders and lifting up and chucking it further/ because I don't require weed to see higher/ eat, sleep, and receive beats til I retire// spit fire in the eyes of the weak spoken provoken/ thirsty ass bastards ,rascals with no token/ I'm so hopeless. Almost as/ a lonely ghost in homely rode, lord Jesus only knows/ what we're up against...but I take my time/ cause I'm relying my psyche on this line by line/ and I'm fine without the sunshine/ just give me a sucker to bust with a punchline/ cause people wanna tell me what I won't be or tell me what I can't/ but you can NOT tell me what I'm NOT or tell me who I am.

Chorus (2x)
Shut up the people that won't let me talk
Even though they opened up the light that set me off
and yeah, I'm thankful for that don't get me wrong
but it's time to get em back by the words of this song

Verse 2
If the 9th produced wonders, then who is the one that wrote it/ lemme know, lemme talk, that's my only opponent/ unless it's me. It has to be. I am my own worst enemy/ cause I'm better than you swagger out children would ever be/
This ain't just some music that you would plug in and fall asleep to/ it penetrates your conscience just like a surgeon's needle/ hurtful procedures for your worthless Adidas and supras/ it's easy to beat you broads like the man who sing deuces/ skilled but still stupid, yet kills dudes/ who claim to be the best but aren't truthful/ oh, you think you hot because you got some followers now/ but quick to lose them before you know'd what to do with them/ every lyric I spit is critic rhythm. It gets/ immensive, an evanescence. You'll wake up when I'm dead/ lyrical decapitation. I will bite off your head./
I kill you're procrastinating master degrading instead

Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
Drop it like it's hot. Triple dot, spitting on etcetera/ flow is sky, atmosphere, galaxy, and nebula/ one of few credulous to show you I put work in this/ while the rest of you suckers acting on the impertinence/ violent and murderous, diabolical well certainly/ permanently verbally massacring what's worthy of it/ because I'm sick of dudes. Matter fact I'm sick of you/ that's the reason why most of these imbeciles are pitiful/ started from the bottom and where am I now/ other than stomping these artists with terrible sounds/ unbearable creation. Is what sets me apart from all of them/ cause they're incomparable, have air able sound/ have the wind knocked out of him. Such a disgrace/ dropping bombs on them like a wrestler cutting his weight/ stuff em til they suffocate/ embarrass them til they runaway/ tryna diss me with your form of music find another way
Track Name: Lost in Thought [prod. by SunnysideBeats]
Chorus (2x):
I never thought I would say this
But the freedom of thought is dangerous
Aimed for the light, now it’s raining instead
a million places in this world. I wish I ain’t in my head

Verse 1:
Lost in Thought is like the motto now
Because the Freedom is more like eaten from hollow sound
It’s more than pride that I’m sawallowing now
It is my sanity, my conscience, me heart and my vows
to be the best at this, not cause I don’t practice
not cause I’m overwhelmed by the mount of dope rappers
and nor the fact that I can’t stop putting cursing in my vocab it’s
the fact that my mind is placing a hopes cap on me
I have to fight so I don’t feel lonely
they wonder why I’m mad. it’s because they still annoy me
been studying religion, and I’m far from anointed
all that breathing and meditation is starting to be pointless
and with space to think, there’s no room breathe
can hardly listen to advice that is consoling to me
I’m rolling in deep, holding my chest, hardly can see
I’m blacking out but I see my shadow talking to me, and he’s saying

now are ya happy? you got what you want
you set your whole mind free, now your lost in your thoughts
you are over-thinking yourself more often than not
you were happy to be unchained, now you’re sad and you’re lost
Now I’m walking through valley of the shadow of death
don’t have the power, just sit not really in spite of the depth
in light of having said anything concerning with getting ahead
I need to focus on catching my breath

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2:
even though I’m from New Orleans, I ain’t used to the shooting
I believe the violence is all of Lucifer’s doing
What ya even gotta beef for? and what ya mad at me for?
You’re even willing to go through the detour to seek war?
and while you’re celebrating daily and nightly
I’m suffocating in my brain and I’m taking it lightly
I’m assertively.introvertive there’s no verdict to it
it’s self explanatory in the music
I’m only feeling april showers, not may weather
so I’m guessing that I am the opposite of undisputed
it’s stupid if you questioning no explanation
but the fact that I enjoy isolation from the rest of the population
I’m really tired of y’all setting fires to halls
walking brain wired and all
firing at will, desires at lost, I’m going crazy
started panicking, got anxiety at cost, but most of all I figured